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GGNI Corp., GG Nasional Indonesia Corp., is an electrical household manufacture and industry which was established recently in October 2004. With its based in Surabaya, Indonesia, and having about two-hundred employees, this company would like to bring satisfaction in fulfilling primary household necessities' equipments.
GGNI Corp.' s primary service is to assist the local and international markets starting from manufacturing the basic household needs up to customizing customers' necessities. GGNI Corp. is ready to commit, compete and continously serve its market.
GGNI Mission Statement
By knowing, understanding and fulfilling what the market' s needs, placing our customer' s satisfactory as our priority and maintaining our quality of service, GGNI will be the number one leader, creator, and innovator for local and global markets.
GGNI Organization
We are adaptive and responsive toward a changing environment. We commit to accomplish our task in every situation and condition that exists.
Our organization is visible inside-out. We organize each task into several departments in which they work independently; yet communicate and cross-check performance dependently.
Our organization' s culture respects men and women. All employees must be well-treated and valued in the GGNI society. GGNI employs many different people; yet, we work in the same organization with a single culture.
Our organization is ready to compete positively and wants to be the superior among competitors. We will be tough and ethical competitors.

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